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Transcription Services Processes

Will Transcription Services Sign an NDA? Are Transcription Services Secure?
By Take Note Team on February 21, 2019

This is simple. Most transcription services will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In fact, a lot advertise their willingness to do so right on their websites, along with the...

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Transcription Work

How the skills you learn as a transcriber benefit you in the real world
By Take Note Team on February 19, 2019

Being a transcriber requires accuracy, speed, and efficiency. We talk about that a lot, butwe don’t talk so much about what being a transcriber gives you in return, even though it’s...

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USA Transcription Services

Best Transcription Services in the USA, 2019
By Take Note Team on February 12, 2019

When you need a transcript, you don’t necessarily have time to go through the product pages of a dozen different companies to figure out which service is best for you. But, particularly...

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Ten everyday words you never knew derived from French
By Take Note Team on February 11, 2019

Whether it’s Nelson and Napoleon, London and Paris, or fish and chips and frogs’ legs, for as long as there’s been a channel between us, Britain and France have found something to...

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Work for Us

How to Be a More Productive Transcriber
By Take Note Team on February 4, 2019

Being a transcriber can be one of the most fascinating jobs in the world, simply because every day is different, and you never know, at the start of the day, what tasks await you. If...

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Transcription Timescales

Why it's time to outsource your transcription
By Take Note Team on January 24, 2019

What could you get done if you had four extra hours in your day?

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Best Transcription Services in the UK, 2019
By Take Note Team on January 22, 2019

No one wants to use a sub-par option for anything. When it comes to finding the best transcription service, it is easier said than done. Most companies provide a lot of options. But,...

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How to make journal writing part of your life
By Take Note Team on January 14, 2019

As we hit the middle of January, now seems like a good time to check in on how we’re all doing with our New Year’s resolutions. We have officially passed the date when most people give...

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