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International Week of Happiness

By Take Note Team on September, 24 2019
Take Note Team

As another summer comes to a close amidst the current state of political chaos we now live in, I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to welcome in, with warm and loving arms, 2019’s International Week of Happiness.  With that in mind, I bring to you the bumper blog of all things funny, fluffy and fine, packed full of the cute and hilarious, bound to crack even the toughest nuts amongst you! 


I hope regardless of where you find yourself right now that something in this blog is able to blow away the cobwebs, shelter you from the rain, and bring a little smile and sunshine to your life.  May the parade of happiness begin!


The Cute and Fluffy

Let’s start with the easy win, guaranteed to bring about a chorus of ‘awws’.  What is it with us humans and fluffy things?  How do adorable balls of fur turn us to goo so easily?  Like this ex-police dog protecting his new friend, or this cat putting up with his?  Oh, and who ever said dogs and cats don’t get along, or even cats and dogs for that matter (this one gets cuter the longer you watch)?  Let’s not forget this fluffball, or this one, or this one.  Apparently humans aren’t the only beings that like fluffy things either.  This guy wishes he was fluffy, perhaps he could borrow some from these two.  Okay, last one.  


Oh, wait, can’t forget these guys.


Want more?  Try diluting those depressing social media feeds with some cute and fluffy accounts, so that every time you read something sad it’s followed by a cute picture of a quokka to cheer you back up again.  My current favourite.   


Forget the politicians, here’s the news you really want to read

If fluffy isn’t your thing, then how about some happy news?  Yes, it does exist! So, let’s enjoy some feel-good updates from around the world.  

Sticking on the animal theme for a second, did you know that the government of Denmark just bought the country’s last remaining circus elephants as it prepares for a nationwide ban on the use of animals in circuses?  The animals will now get to retire and live the rest of their lives in peace.

Meanwhile, over in The Netherlands, the city of Utrecht has just converted 316 bus top rooves into havens for bees, to help rejuvenate the depleting population.  The rooves were planted with flowers to attract the insects, but are also helping to reduce noise pollution and improve air quality.  

It’s not all doom and gloom here in Britain either, thanks to cheese!  In North Yorkshire, the Wensleydale Creamery, made famous by Wallace & Gromit, recently announced a new deal to help fuel a local biogas plant.  Before now, the whey left over from their cheese production was simply going to waste, but it will now be used to provide enough energy to run 800 homes.  Yes, we live in a future where cheese can now power your house!  

Finally, meet businessman, Mike Than Tun Win, who just bought thousands of bikes to help poor students in Myanmar get to school.   The average student living below the poverty line in Myanmar has to walk 2km to get to school, but no longer, after Win bought up the stock of a liquidating bike-share company in China.  The bikes will be provided free of charge for those most in need, and Win has continued to grow the initiative further by buying up even more old stock in Malaysia.


For more happy news on a regular basis, check out The Happy Newspaper, created by designer Emily Coxhead, which celebrates all that’s good in the world.


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The Happy List of Happy Things

This world is amazing and crazy, and everything in between, but here’s a list of some of the happiest parts of it.  I hope you find something on it that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling on a cold, damp day.


  1. VISIT the Blurt Foundation and sign-up to their heart-warming newsletter.  It’s like a snuggly, cosy hug; no cheesy affirmations in sight.
  2. WATCH This Beautiful Fantastic.  One of those really sweet films that exists only to make you smile.
  3. COOK this scrumptious Chocolate Orange Cupcakes recipe.  I made it as a loaf, because I’m lazy, and added glace cherries, because…well, I’ll take any excuse to add glace cherries!
  4. PLAY calming games on Orisinal.  Nothing too action-packed, just perfect for that little bit of distraction we all need every once in a while.
  5. WATCH this TED Talk from James Vietch.  Still no cheesy affirmations, just the consequences of replying to spam email…!
  6. DO nothing for two minutes.  Run by the makers of the app, Calm, why not just slow down for a couple of minutes?
  7. PUPPY with Open Puppies.  Puppies being puppies.
  8. READ your new favourite book.
  9. EXPLORE the world from the comfort of your computer.  Watch pandas in China or rhinos in Botswana.
  10. GO outside.  That’s it.  The world’s awesome.  It’s big and green and round and it’s waiting for you.


Blog written by Transcriber Lydia

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