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4 Reasons to Outsource Transcription to the UK

By Olivia Hurlbatt on October, 13 2016
Olivia Hurlbatt

The pound has plummeted and our services are now dramatically cheaper than your American suppliers.

You’re welcome, America. It’s all for you, baby.
If you’re looking for affordable transcription services, why not turn to the country that invented the language?
‘I’d love to use a British supplier, but you proper Brits are just too darn expensive’,  I hear you cry. Well, cry no more, friends. Our beloved little pound has tumbled and we are now cheap as chips.

4 Reasons to Outsource Transcription to the UK

1. The exchange rate means that we are nearly 50% cheaper than America’s leading transcription provider. Currently $1 (£0.83) per minute!
2. We are awake when you are asleep. Your transcript is completed while you’re counting sheep. No more waiting at work for your transcript.
3. The home of William Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Simon Cowell, our perfect English has the (x)quisite factor that only comes from the heart of blighty.
4. We have a ‘special relationship’. Please help our little country in our time of need.

Take Note offers  transcription services  worldwide via our secure online  portal ; from  video subtitles  to  verbatim legal documents , interviews, disciplinaries, translations and anything in between. 

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