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Why your podcast needs transcription

By Krisztian Klausz on October, 14 2015
Krisztian Klausz

Podcast transcription - what can it do for me? The answer, as is most things when it comes to the internet, is increasing the size of your audience. In this case, increasing search rankings through additional transcription!
The digital world is hooked on podcasts. Another great medium for consuming information. And anyone who’s anyone in digital content creation most likely has a thought-provoking podcast. But if everyone is doing it, how do you successfully market yours and get it to the top of the podcast pile?

Podcast Transcription - how it can help:

Transcription adds that magical layer that allows search engines to trawl through the text and connect with your content. The text complements the audio and, by having the two together, you are already boosting your podcast’s ranking with keywords that relate to you and your business.

What about closed captions?

Having transcription on a podcast broadens its accessibility to those who are learning English or who are hard of hearing. Closed captions give your viewer the flexibility to read the content when they don't have access to the audio.

Who uses podcast transcription?

Media production agencies have been using transcription for editing purposes for years. It allows them to find the core content quickly and to lift key quotes from the audio. Transcription allows new listeners to skim-read the audio before listening which saves them time  - adding real value to your podcast.


What's the best type of transcription to use?

 Any accurate transcription you’ve read would most likely have been professionally transcribed. Auto text is common for channels like YouTube, but unless your content is very clearly pronounced and only the most commonly recognised words used, the auto scribe will transcribe your audio incorrectly making you look unprofessional.

If you are looking for a transcription service, to get the best, you need to focus on quality. Here are a few questions you should ask:

1. Do they have a variety of services and transcription options
2. Do they proofread as standard?
3. How quickly can they return the file?
By doing the legwork before you choose your transcriber, you can ensure you target the right one for your business. For more information on our podcast services click here.

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