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Transcription - it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it

By Krisztian Klausz on October, 13 2015
Krisztian Klausz

For most of our clients, getting their audio transcribed is a practical necessity. 

You send over some audio files and a little while later you get some typed transcripts back.  It’s as simple as that.  For us here at Take Note HQ,  though, it is nothing less than our raison d’être.  Whether we’re getting your last minute telephone interviews transcribed overnight, or sourcing a live notetaker for your conference in Glasgow, we live and breathe all things transcription.  Our clients say that they are ‘lucky to be liaising with us’ and, when describing our services, words like ‘excellent’ and ‘fantastic’ are thrown around with reckless abandon.  So what exactly is it about Take Note that’s creating so much excitement over an apparently routine service?

Let’s start with the fundamentals.

Data protection is a key priority for us and the Take Note Portal, our pride and joy, provides our clients with peace of mind here.  By eliminating the need to transfer files over email and other less secure methods, you can keep all your files in one place, safely contained within multiple layers of encryption.
The portal does much more than just meeting our clients’ most basic needs, though.  It also optimizes the whole process, from uploading your audio to receiving your transcripts, giving you maximum control and flexibility. A full range of services and turnarounds can be selected at the click of a button, and multiple pieces of audio can be uploaded simultaneously, making the whole process as quick and painless as it could possibly be.  Once you’ve done this, you can view your active projects and keep an eye on their progress from beginning to end.


We have also developed a piece of software, especially for our transcribers.  It’s called TypeRight, and it’s custom built to complement our own in-house style, meaning that the production of your transcripts will be that much slicker.  Our transcribers can’t get enough of it, and happy transcribers mean happy transcripts!

Technological innovations continue apace at Take Note, with the arrival of our very own app and Portal 2.0 on the horizon. 

But everybody knows that great tools are useless without people to wield them.   That’s where our heroic army of typists comes in.  They really are the cream of the crop when it comes to transcription, and we’ve got the stats to prove it.  We found that less than 1% of applicants actually pass our rigorous selection process!    Here in the office, we are also doing our best to make the transcription journey a delight for so many of our clients.  Our office policy is to reply to all emails within two minutes of receipt, so your project won’t be held up by unnecessary delays.  We also provide an out of hours service, so if you’re working late there will always be somebody on hand with the guidance and assistance that you need.

More to Transcription than just typing

This is really just the beginning, with Take Note poised to travel to new and exciting places in the coming years.  And so while it may be easy to assume that a transcript is a transcript is a transcript, our work continues to prove that there is much more to transcription than just typing.

Take Note offers transcription services worldwide via our secure online portal; from video subtitles to verbatim legal documents, interviews, disciplinaries, translations and anything in between. For a quick quote, or simply some advice on time-stamped transcriptsget in touch!

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