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Flexible work. Around London. Around your life.

Market Leading Customer Service-01

Pick and choose which meetings you'd like to work at

Take Note provides notetakers for hundreds of meetings and focus groups per week, so you can pick and choose which ones work with your schedule.

High Quality Human Transcriptions-01

Gain professional experience with 100s of companies around the city

Whether you're looking for work around your studies, around your family life or around other part-time work, you can supplement your income with typing work around the city.

Security & Confidentiality-01

Option for Travel Expenses Paid

Late finishing bookings or bookings outside of Zone 4 are often compensated, so your travel costs are covered on longer journeys.

Guaranteed Delivery Times-01

Enjoy flexible ad hoc work

This work is self-employed, so if you're a UK or EEA resident, you will need to register as such with HMRC if you are successful. For more information on self-employment and what it means, please visit HMRC.

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Take Note

Take Note provides UK based transcription, world-class customer service and guaranteed delivery times. 


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